Q: Can anyone register with your Carnival section?

A: Yes anyone can register provided that they are 18 years and older.


Q: Is there a deadline for registration?

A: No, there is no deadline for registration, however, registration is on a first come first serve basis and the earlier you register the better your chance of getting the costume type you like.


Q: What forms of payment are accepted?

A: All major Credit Cards ( VISA & Mastercard ) are accepted Online along with Money transfers via either Western Union or MoneyGram.


Q. I am a foreigner, can I send someone local to register for me?

A. Yes, you can send a representative to our Mas Camp to register for you, however, visit our registration page and ensure that they come with all of the necessary information needed to fill out your registration card.


Q: Do you accommodate mature masqueraders?

A: Yes we make provisions for all masqueraders and provide options for those who require a little more coverage.


Q: Do you accommodate Vegetarians/Vegans?

A: Yes we do, our menu options include Chicken, Fish or Vegetarian choices, selected at time of registering.


Q: Where can I physically see the costumes?

A: You can visit our Mas Camp to see the costumes.


Q: Where is your Mas Camp located?

A: Our Mas Camp is located at #8 Luis Street Woodbrook, Port of Spain. We have provided a map of our location on our CONTACT page for your reference.


Q: What are the hours of operation of your Mas Camp?

A: Our Mas Camp is typically opened for business Mon - Fri between 5pm - 8pm, Saturday 2pm - 8pm, closed on Sundays. The Mas Camp will also be closed for 2 weeks during Christmas, however, our Online registration remains open 24 hours a day every day.


Q: Can I visit your Mas Camp outside of business hours?

A: Mas Camp visits outside business hours can be arranged via appointments only. Contact us to arrange.


Q: What is included in my package?

A: Included in your package would be your Costume, All accessories, All Inclusive Premium drinks, and food & snack package for both days of Carnival.


Q: Is a Goodie bag included?

A: Yes, you will receive a goodie bag at time of collection. This will contain sample products, tokens and or accessories provided to us by our Corporate Sponsors.


Q: Is Monday wear included?

A: Yes, as part of your costume package you get either a V-neck tee shirt or tube top (Ladies), and the men get a Tee shirt. As an additional option the ladies can get a Hot Shorts at an additional cost.


Q: Can I purchase an additional tee shirt for Monday?

A: Unfortunately no, only one tee shirt is allocated per masquerader.


Q: Can I wear my costume on both days?

A: Yes of course, it's your costume and you can wear it both days. The trend however, is that Monday is a more relaxed / dress down day where masqueraders wear Monday wear and reserve their costumes for Tuesday.


Q: Why is the deposit NON refundable?

A: This deposit is used to commence building of YOUR costume which is designed to fit ONLY you.


Q: Why is the deposit NON transferable?

A: Because the costume for which you have registered is custom made to fit YOUR measurements, we have no guarantee that a costume of those particular measurements would be capable of being sold to someone else.


Q: After registering, can I make a change to my costume type?

A: Yes we can accommodate changes to your costume type provided we receive at least 2 months notice prior to the scheduled carnival event date (based on availability). Outside of this period we cannot guarantee changes to your costume.


Q: Are there group discounts?

A: Yes we do offer group discounts, you have to visit our mas camp to discuss further.


Q: When is costume collection?

A: Your costume will be available for collection on both the Wednesday & Thursday prior to the scheduled Carnival date.


Q: What happens if I cannot collect my costume on the scheduled dates?

A: You need to contact us and make specific arrangements to collect your costume on a convenient date and time acceptable to both parties. Failure to do so will result in your costume being put up for sale.


Q: Can I try my costume on at collection day?

A: Sorry, this cannot be accommodated. We encourage all masqueraders to visit our Mas Camp at time of registering, or soon thereafter, where we allow you to try on the costume pieces to ensure a proper fit at time of collection. Where this is not practical (for foreign orders) we contact you to get more measurement information to ensure a proper fit.


Q: Do you have security for Carnival Monday & Tuesday?

A: Yes. In addition to the security provided by the Band, Carnival Mystique Mas provide our own Security for our masqueraders. These security personnel are clearly visible with attire labeled "MYSTIQUE SECURITY"


Q: What are the meeting times and locations for Carnival Monday & Tuesday?

A: As part of your costume package, you are provided with this information at the time of collection. Typically we meet for 11am on Monday & 7am on Tuesday.


Q: Are restrooms provided?

A: Yes, mobile restrooms are provided and are located at the back of the Band, typically the last truck.


Q: Where do we rest for Lunch on Tuesday and at what time?

A: Typically lunch is served between 12pm - 2pm, depending on the time that we cross the QPS judging point. We usually rest along the parade route to take lunch. That location is determined by the Band on the day and is based on available locations.


Q: Do you provide photography coverage?

A: Yes, we have a team of professional photographers that work with us and are on the Parade route throughout both Monday & Tuesday taking photographs of only our Section. These photographs are later posted to our Facebook Fan Page for all to view, tag and share.


Q: Do you provide makeup services?

A: No we don't. These services are usually handled by individual makeup artists via appointments only. Should you need to be referred for such a service contact us and we would provide the necessary contact information.


Q: Is parking provided?

A: No, parking is not provided by the Band, parking is allowed on certain streets in and around the City and at both Public & Private parking lots.


Q: Do you provide a shuttle service?

A: No shuttle services are not provided.


Q: Do you have souvenir tee shirts for sale?

A: Yes we do, and these are available for sale after the scheduled Carnival dates, from Ash Wednesday, and are based on availability. You can place your request at time of collection.






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